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Our auto wrecking service is simple, fast, hassle-free, and offers maximum benefits to the customers. Whether you own a van that has gotten old or one that is completely crashedflood-damaged or accident-ridden Fill out a quote to be enlightened on how much you should expect on your Van. Our Van wreckers Brisbane pay you top dollar cash for all old, new, scrapjunk and even unregistered vehicles. We are the best and professional car wreckers service provider throughout Queensland.


Worried about your Wrecked Van’s condition, contact us

If you are in search of some great quality used van parts at affordable prices, this is the right place for you! We collect the active and used parts of the wrecked vans and we provide them at an attractive price to the needy people. With the help of our experienced team of technicians, we can easily find out the active parts even in your damaged van. Also based on this, we decide the value of your vehicle. There are several reasons why you should come to us with your Wrecked Van.

  • We have been offering the quality Wrecking service in the entire Queensland for over a decade.
  • We have an extended list of happy customers.
  • We do not only accept cars but also we accept all types of vehicles, including vans of all makes and models.
  • We are willing to buy your damaged van and you can also receive a free towing service from us.
  • We always try to make sure that the owners feel the utmost convenience and find the service really hassle-free.
  • We make the best use of the used van parts.

All you need to do is give us a call at 07 3274 3428 and explain your needs and location. We provide free car removal service to pick your van from your place and remove it to the wrecking ground. In a way, you don’t have to face any difficulty with the service. The time is always a constraint for the owners and this is the reason why our Van wreckers Brisbane Service Providers try to accomplish the entire process as early as possible. Starting from the paperwork to dispatch the cash, we try to keep things very simple and hassle-free so that you don’t need to feel any obstacles.

Why we buy the wrecked vans at an attractive price from you

It can be a question that pops up into the minds of customers and they would like to know what we do with the Vans. Based on its condition, we repair, recycle or resell the vehicle. Considering our benefit, we resell, recycle or repair the Wrecked Vans we buy. When it comes to cash, we offer the best and the most competitive amount in the entire city. We have our very own specialists and mechanics who can better decide the pricing of your damaged van after looking into its conditions. They are well aware of the market price of all the single parts and based on it, you get the best cash amount from us.

So, if you are in need of wrecking your old van, you can certainly contact us. For any needs regarding the quotation, feel free to mail your need at

Leader of Van Wreckers in Automotive Industry

King Auto Group is a market leader in the Automotive Business, ensuring that auto parts sales in Queensland are of the highest quality. Van wreckers is one of our most popular services at our garage. The king Auto Group company is in South East Queensland area covering the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Gatton, Toowoomba, Gladstone, Rock Hampton, Makhay, Townsville and Cairns We have other regional offices in Brisbane like Brisbane city, Logan, Ipswich, Redland Bay, Caboolture. We provide free scrap vehicle pick-up services. We ensure that our customers receive instant cash payment on their property in exchange for their broken, scrapped, and unwanted vans. If you want to benefit from our high quality dismantling, van wreckers, and free removal service, contact us right now.

Eco-Friendly Van Recycles

At King Auto Group, we offer eco-friendly disposals that don’t contaminate the environment. Our team of Van Wreckers practices green auto recycling. With our green recycling, all hazardous materials like fluids from the vehicle are disposed of properly, and the rest of the car is recycled and refurbished. Get the peace of mind of going green with your auto disposal.

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Free Van Removals Queensland

Get a free van removal in the Brisbane and all over Queensland regions with one call to Car Removal Service Provider. Our removal technicians work around the clock to provide our customers with van removals at hours of the day that are convenient for them. Just give us a call and schedule a Free Van Removal Brisbane.

How Can you reach us

Call our customer support to give basic and necessary details about your wrecked and unwanted Van. Tell us about the make and model of your van, mileage and its overall condition. Also your name, phone, email and location. Our Van wreckers Brisbane evaluate the vehicle and prepare a quote depending on its condition. Then, we offer our quote for approval.  Soon after you approve the offer, we proceed to the towing of your car. We schedule a date and time for picking up your van. You can select the time that is most convenient to you.

Next, our team arrives at your location fully equipped for the towing. They hand you the cash, the first thing, before they begin to tow. Our Van removal experts take care of the towing and move the vehicle to our yard.

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