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Catalytic Converters QueenslandKing Auto Catalytic Converter is one of the top and leading buyers of Catalytic converters in Queensland. Moreover, we have years of experience in recycling and trading verity of scrap metals and our deep understanding of materials has always kept us ever growing and ever increasing. Our generous prices and friendly relationship with clients have brought us where we stand today.

We aim the people who their catalytic converters at their disposal. Over a period of time, we comprehend that we can only retain the clients in a win-win situation for both the company and client. By offering top cash for customers against their converters, we wish to connect to more and more people who are in need of catalytic converters.


As the world is getting polluted with increasing carbon emissions adversely impacting the environment, many other countries brought in legislation that led to manufacturers introducing the catalytic converter on to all new vehicles. Our equipment investment means we can optimize the yield, thus are able to offer our customers the best possible financial return.

Mandatory in most of the countries, environmental concerns over toxic carbon emissions from vehicle engines led to the introduction of catalytic converters in 1970’s. With cars getting replaced by catalytic converters, it is significantly benefitting the environment, both economically, and environmentally due to the use of precious metals – Palladium. Rhodium and Platinum – that are fundamental to its function. We came into existence as Catalytic buyers, Queensland. If you have catalytic converters for sale, Contact us.

Contact us for selling your unwanted Catalytic converter

If you want to get rid of your wrecked, damaged or used catalytic converter, fortunately, we are ready to pay top cash for your unwanted Catalytic Converters. Recycling Catalytic converters is boring if you don’t know who to approach. Besides, reading about recycling and understanding it is time-consuming. So why don’t you hire an expert who knows perfectly well what you need and how to get it done. We are here to help you recycle your catalytic converters most effectively.

We buy your cars in any make or model, and your scrap converter for the right prices. You can select how and when you want to scrap catalytic converter and get end-to-end service, right on your doorstep. Right from setting an appointment to assessing the catalytic converter, and offering a quote to towing it from your garage, we take care of it all.

How it Works?

We struggle to offer 100% customer satisfaction with our recycling cat converter services. You have to contact us for a quote, and we ensure that you get top cash for your unwanted catalytic converter.

  • Step 1
    Contact us with your inquiry for catalytic converter recycling. Drop a call at 0732743428.
  • Step 2
    Get a quote for auto wrecking and scrap catalytic converter. We can help you understand the process in detail, and show you how we quote a fair price.
  • Step 3
    Our experts will assess the make and model of the used catalyst before proceeding. We recycle old, used, broken and damaged cat converters, and offer top dollar for it.

From here on it is entirely our job to assess and tow your auto for catalytic converter recycling. We also make sure that you get the right price for it before we tow the automobile out of your garage.

Our Service Locations

We would like to introduce our service locations so that we can help you to pick up your catalytic convertor same day. The following regions include all such facility of pick up from your place. Our unbeatable and generous prices won’t stop you from selling so call now in Brisbane wide, Sunshine Coast, Gold coast, Toowoomba, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.

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